Summer Garden Opera




The Summer Garden Opera was founded in 2010 to enhance the quality of life in south central Virginia through the performing arts. Each year we bring renowned performers to Farmville to perform popular, classical operas in a casual setting.


The African author Wole Soyinka says his “horizons on humanity are enlarged” by listening to opera, and we agree. With its marriage of literature, music, and theater, opera enables us to fathom ourselves and understand each other like no other art form.


We are pleased to be able to promote and share this pinnacle of human creative expression and insight with both aficionados and new fans in rural Virginia. Thank you for your interest, and please join us.


Co-Founders: Harlan Horton (President)

and Chris Swanson (Vice-President and Artistic Director)

Directors: Gwen Eddleman

            Kirsten Huber

            John Miller

            Kerry Mossler

​             Julie Ross(Treasurer)

            Robert Wade